Don't waste paying 3-5X more on an expensive email marketing tool

Coaches, Course Creators & Bloggers have sent 2.1+ billion emails via BirdSend to (1) get high email opens (2) while enjoying up to 80% monthly savings

Switched from ActiveCampaign to BirdSend - similar open rates but save A LOT of money each month

Moving to BirdSend from ActiveCampaign has been a great switch for my business. Not only am I saving a lot of money each month, but the average open rates I get from BirdSend were similar to ActiveCampaign. I love how uncluttered and easy the interface is. Plus, any time I've had questions they have been answered thoroughly and quickly.

BirdSend has the best customer service I've ever experienced!

Chantel Klassen

Homeschooling Expert - Saskatoon, Canada

BirdSend helped me grow my email list. Open rates have gone up a lot and the price is great!

My subscriber list has increased a lot and people are responding to my emails well. My open rate has gone up a lot and I get a definite increase in my traffic when an email goes out.

I like how easy BirdSend is to use. The import, setup of broadcasts and funnels, and pop-up have been very straight forward to use. If I have questions, I always get a prompt answer and followup.

I love that a pop-up is included. That has increased my subscribers the most. I'm not a fan of pop-ups but this one is working well. Setting up my weekly broadcasts and a sign-up series was simple and has been very effective for my list. The dashboard is straight forward, which I like!

I'm not very tech-savvy so I like the basics and ease which BirdSend provides both. I'm happy with what it has done for my business and the price is great!

Amy Pelzner

Crafting & DIY Projects - Sacramento, CA, USA

The inboxing is amazing yet it’s extremely affordable

Easily one of the best autoresponders out there! I'm using BirdSend to send out content, updates and affiliate promotions. The inboxing is amazing, the A/B split test feature is awesome and the re-sending feature is also a no brainer.

Adding tags to openers, clickers and buyers are very easy and can be used to send specific emails to specific leads. It's very simple to use and extremely affordable!

Chuck Nguyen

Digital Marketing Coach - Melbourne, Australia

Switched from Mailchimp and got over 70% in Savings + the best thing with BirdSend is their customer support

I am an Aviation Blogger with 2.7 million subscribers. I switched from Mailchimp to Birdsend with some savings in mind with over 12,000 recipients on my twice weekly email list. The saving was over 70%!

The transition was smoothly done with great same day support from BirdSend team. They’re on hand to answer all my queries and provide solution. Their RSS feed feature worked well with my Wordpress blog that helps me to automate to send out to the subscribers. The best thing with BirdSend is the customer support. They’re very thorough and follow up actively with my concern. I’d highly recommend their service.

Sam Chui

Aviation Blogger w/ 2.7M subscribers - Dubai, UAE

I switched from Aweber to BirdSend. Incredibly competitive prices. Customer service is BANG ON and incredibly responsive, plus the team listens to customers' suggestions and is constantly improving the platform

Nora Dunn

Travel Blogger - Toronto, Canada

A driving factor in choosing BirdSend was cost. I was worried the economical cost would come less than ideal service, but that has not proven to be the case. It is good quality at a reasonable rate.

I like that Birdsend provides affordable email marketing that still has all the tools I need.

I wanted a better email service with improved automations and other options, but I also needed it to not cost an arm and a leg!

Amy Sloan

Homeschooling Expert - Holly Springs, NC, USA

It pretty much does everything that ConvertKit does (which I used for 3 - 4 years) but a lot more affordable

Overall very positive. I annoy them a lot with questions, as I am always comparing it to ConvertKit (which I used for 3-4 years). And they are very good with replies. Plus very open to suggestions on how to improve it. It is only a new provider, which means they are still rolling out features.

When switching to a new provider, there is a learning curve (which can be frustrating) but that will happen with any new provider. So I dedicated 2-3 days to play with it - i.e. set up forms, automations and tags before switching my large list over. It was time well spent!

Affordability was important, as ConvertKit was becoming way too expensive, as my list continued to grow. I also love the functions. It pretty much does everything that ConvertKit does (or soon will be as new features are constantly being added) and more. Plus it gives me detailed analytics for each email that goes out, and collects a reason for unsubscribes.

Cath Hakanson

Sex Education Expert - Perth, Australia

Why Content Creators Love BirdSend

Up to 80% savings every month

Our customers are saving 3 - 5X from tools like ConvertKit, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, and more.

Higher open rates = more revenue

With some of the highest open rates in the industry, reach more subscribers.

Super fast drip emails/sequences with The 1-Page Sequence Builder

Creating automated email sequences is ultra quick. If you can find a tool that’s faster, let us know and we’ll give you a paid BirdSend account on the house. Seriously!

Discover your top performing emails

When you know what converts best (BirdSend has auto sales tracking built-in), you can write more emails that generate even more cash.

Make more from your VIP subscribers

Discover who spends the most on your business, so you can dedicate more time to them and ultimately close more sales.

The price is hard to beat, BUT what I love the most is to be heard!

The pros of BirdSend is: at first, the price. Hard to beat. But once I started using it, it's how easy it is to set campaigns, write emails and sequences and overall admin the account. BUT most of all what I love the most is to be heard. That's priceless. 

As a relatively new tool, it's growing and competing with giants and yet they take the time to listen to what we need. I already requested a few important features they didn't have and within weeks they made it happen. Their response is always positive and willing to help, open to improving the platform. Hope they keep listening and caring as they grow. I'm really glad I found them and I recommend BirdSend highly!

My options were staying with MailerLite and Mailchimp or switching to BirdSend. I chose BirdSend because I had good communication with Welly before switching, he was very helpful and communicative. And finally the price vs all the value I was getting was a no-brainer.

Camila Rojas

Craft & DIY Projects Expert - Spain

They have the best support team I've ever come across bar none

I was unsure about switching from my previous email service provider to BirdSend, but after some contemplation, I made the switch. My only complaint is that I wish I would have done it sooner.

The support is outstanding and the service itself is worth its weight in gold. I would highly recommend this ESP to any online business owner.

The process of moving from my previous email service provider to BirdSend was seamless. I didn't lose any subscribers and they offered to switch over all my forms for me. As with anything, there was a bit of a learning curve at the beginning, but it is very easy to use and straightforward.

The value you get for the price is absolutely incredible and they have the best support team I've ever come across bar none!

Amy R

Intentional Living Expert

I'm coming over from a much pricier platform (ConvertKit), but BirdSend feels like a much classier experience

The whole process of writing the email, adding links, setting up an automation so that those who clicked were tagged based on interest, scheduling the send - all so smooth and intuitive.

A gorgeous interface.

As you know, I'm coming over from a much pricier platform, but BirdSend feels like a much classier experience!

I love that the email composer is clean and simple and text-based and that there's a spam tester. Never seen anything like that before. My deliverability and reputation are very important to me and it's clear that's a high priority for BirdSend, too!

Lynna Sutherland
Homeschooling Expert - Chester, VA, USA

Better open rates & extremely happy with pricing

Overall, I am extremely happy with the software, the pricing and also with the customer service.

The team has been very helpful in explaining things and answering my questions.

I have also seen a better open rate than I had in the past.

I especially love how easy it is to use. I used to be on Mailchimp and found it to not always be user friendly. I also like the look of the finished emails as opposed to what they looked like on Mailchimp.

At first, I didn't like that there weren't templates like Mailchimp but when I saw the finished email I really loved the look of it and thought it was way better than what I had before. I only use it to send weekly updates about my blog and don't use all the features that others might use, so I don't have anything really that I don't like about it.

Sherri Hall
Food Blogger - Point Pleasant, NJ, USA

I'm saving so much money just by switching providers. The fact that Birdsend can do pretty much everything that the bigger well known companies can do at a more affordable price is excellent.

The level of dedication from the customer service team is amazing! I had hundreds of questions and they answered each and every one in a timely manner. I was super impressed at the level of detail during the migration process.

Naa Ardua

Digital Illustration Artist - Antibes, France

Customer service team is the most responsive I’ve ever come across

Overall experience has been fantastic. The customer service team is the most responsive I have ever come across. They go above and beyond and have been incredible. The migration process was taken care of which made the whole transition process seamless and easy. 

The money I am saving makes the switch even more worthwhile. Easy to use - Good functionality and features.

Natalie Wingrove

Wedding Expert - United Kingdom

Customer support is super responsive + you get a lot of value for your money

BirdSend is an excellent alternative to Mailchimp and other competitors. You get a lot of value for your money and the customer support is incredible.

I love the price point of BirdSend and the super-responsive customer service. I also like how easy it is to use and that it has all the features I need for email marketing campaigns.

Lauren Melnick

Travel Blogger - Johannesburg, South Africa

Switched from GetResponse & ActiveCampaign and got good open rates w/ BirdSend

Before BirdSend I've used GetResponse and Active Campaign.

When GetResponse performance (open rates) dropped significantly in early 2018, I have no choice but to leave them.

I've also tried Active Campaign — the open rates were good but their fees were pricey.

I then gave BirdSend a try. They also have good open rates. But not only that, the experience using the platform is extremely pleasant — they have a really modern and fast-loading user interface, making it very quick and easy to set up campaigns.

Adhitya Tri

Digital Product Creator

Initially switched from ConvertKit to BirdSend because of the price. Turns out their deliverability is fantastic and it’s easy to use

Their customer support has been great. I've loved working with the folks at BirdSend.

BirdSend has been a great investment for my blog. I love the ease of setting up the forms and how easy it is to customize each form. The email settings are easy to use and creating sequences, tags, automations, and broadcasts are all simple. Their deliverability is fantastic!

Overall, such a great value!

I initially switched from ConvertKit to BirdSend because of the price. I had a great experience for several years on ConvertKit and loved their platform. Switching to BirdSend wasn't an easy decision, but I'm so glad I made the switch!

Melissa Ringstaff

Purposeful Living Expert - Harlan, Kentucky, USA

Our email open rates TRIPLED compared to our previous email marketing provider

Dee Ferdinand

Hight Ticket Consultant

25% open rate to 35-40%

Hi team. I wanted to provide some positive feedback. I'm not sure if you did something, but my open rate for my weekly email was about 25%. In the middle of last November, the rate started going up into the 30s and now it's usually 35-40%. My contacts size is about the same so either people are now opening the emails or you may have done something on your end that helped increase the rate. Either way, thank you!

Jeff Cope

Wine Lover - Texas, USA

The fastest, simplest, and most affordable email tool

ActiveCampaign is slow and clunky. The editor is a nightmare and often loses formatting changes. I was wasting a lot of time trying to get ActiveCampaign to work instead of focusing on writing my emails.

I love how lightweight BirdSend feels and how fast I can send emails.

BirdSend is the fastest, simplest and most affordable Email Service Provider I've found. They have an excellent onboarding process which helped me move my contacts, lists, tags, and sequences from my old ESP. Customer service has been excellent too. BirdSend is exactly what I need as a creator, info publisher, email marketer and small biz owner.

Dennis Demori

Email Copywriter - Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Why the super affordable price though?

We have people saying things like...

"But if your price is so affordable, the product quality must be low and customer support non-existent. Emails will go to spam because you don't have the funds to create and maintain high deliverability standards."
To which our response is...

"Why don't you give us a fair, free try first? After that you can judge whether BirdSend sucks or not."

Reason #1

The reason why BirdSend is so affordable is because we don't do any kind of paid ads.

We pass the savings to our customers. We primarily rely on word of mouth to drive new sign ups.

And allocate the majority of our funds on product development to make sure the product is good. Otherwise no one would want to refer us to their network.

You CAN build a good quality product and provide good customer support while at the same time charging affordable prices. It's not mutually exclusive. You can have both.

Reason #2

It's so affordable NOW because BirdSend is not as well known in the marketplace yet. Let's just say we got to the "email marketing party" late. We're the newcomer.

When we get enough traction, we'll increase our pricing to reflect the level of quality BirdSend is at. The good news is that if you sign up for a paid plan now, you'll be locked in at the current rate. When we increase our price in the near future for new users, you'll get to keep your current rate.