Good email deliverability

Email deliverability is arguably the most important aspect of an email service provider / email marketing tool.

Because poor email deliverability results in poor email opens.

And good email deliverability leads to good email opens.

Here are some of the methods BirdSend employs to achieve good email deliverability

1/ SuretyMail certified

There are only 2 organizations in the world that provide comprehensive deliverability services: Validity (Return Path) and SuretyMail.

SuretyMail’s founder, Anne Mitchell, was the one who coined the term “deliverability” in 2002.

Who coined the term email deliverability

BirdSend is SuretyMail certified.

To be accepted into its accreditation program, we had to undergo a rigorous 3-month review process conducted by the SuretyMail team.

These include background checks on BirdSend, including our mailing and list-hygiene practices.

Because SuretyMail has been in the business for so long (since 2003), it has built a positive reputation and relationship with mailbox providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Apple, etc).

Being SuretyMail certified means we have their seal of approval when sending emails → helps with deliverability.

2/ Verify every new email address via fraud detection services

Apart from checking against the millions of email addresses we have in our database, we also use fraud detection services to verify each email address that’s about to be imported.

This process helps with identifying and removing spam traps, invalid email addresses, and frequent complainers (those that have a history of repeatedly reporting email messages as spam).

3/ Strict human compliance

In addition to verifying every new email address, we have a strict human compliance process before we finally let new users import their contacts.

After they pass the fraud detection step, a teammate will go into the new account to manually review their site content.

Making sure the quality of the site is good; asking them to verify that they are the rightful owner of the site, etc.

It’s not uncommon for us to decline new users’ imports because they did not meet the quality we’re looking for.

4/ Throttle on FIRST send

Finally, after they’ve passed the steps above, we throttle the FIRST email sent to these NEWLY imported contacts.

So, for example, if a new user wants to send their first email to their 30k contacts… instead of sending all at once, we split them into multiple batches — each batch containing a few thousand recipients.

Again, this throttling is only applied to the first email sent to newly imported contacts. Subsequent emails to these contacts will not be throttled.

This is done as a precautionary measure to further ensure the new user’s email list is healthy.

Every legit email marketing tool throttles your first email send — it’s just a matter of disclosing this info to you or not.

5/ In-house managed deliverability

Unlike some email service providers that outsource deliverability to an external company, we manage our email sending and deliverability in-house.

Since there are no “middleman”, we can tackle the root cause of the problem faster — instead of multiple back and forth communication with an external company.

Should you be scared? Only if you're a spammer 😅

If you’re legit, you’ll pass the above checks with flying colors. There’s nothing to worry about.

It’s a good tradeoff — a one-time slight inconvenience (in the beginning) for long term good open rates.

But talk is cheap. So…

Here are 2 ways to gauge our mailing reputation

A/ Use external rating tools to check our mailing reputation

BirdSend email domain reputation according to Google
The first email rating tool is Google Postmaster

Here’s our sending domain reputation (according to Google)

And here’s our IP reputation in the eyes of Google

BirdSend’s IP reputation as rated by Google Postmaster
Talos Intelligence rating of BirdSend’s mailing server

Here’s how we fare

Here's another one

BirdSend good email deliverability as rated by Cisco

B/ Give BirdSend a free try and send emails yourself — the most accurate way of judging good email deliverability

We can sugarcoat our deliverability all day long, rave about how users love their open rates, and show you how other reputable email reputation tools rate us… but at the end of the day YOUR results are what matter.

The best and most accurate way of judging our deliverability is by sending emails via BirdSend yourself.

Does this sound like a fair statement?

Try BirdSend free and prove us wrong?

We provide a free trial. And even when you go past the free trial, we still offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Sign up for a BirdSend free trial today and experience yourself how our deliverability is. If it doesn’t live up to expectations, complain to us straight in the face by clicking the bottom right icon.