The 1-Page Sequence Builder

Build sequences in record time — faster than anything you've tried. If you can find a faster one, let us know and we'll give you a paid account, on the house!

Create email sequences super fast

When it comes to email sequences, plenty of email service providers can do that.

However, most make the creation of sequences / drip campaigns cumbersome and slow.

Which is why we built the 1-Page Sequence Builder to empower content creators to build email sequences in record time.

Say you have 10 emails in one of your sequences. In other email tools, you’d need to:

  1. Create a sequence / drip campaign / autoresponder and you’ll be brought to the “sequence overview” page
  2. On this page → click “add new email to this sequence”
  3. You’ll be brought to the individual email page to create your email
  4. Once you’ve created the email → go back to the “sequence overview” page
  5. Repeat step #2 - #4 nine more times

Imagine you have 20 emails in one of your sequences.

Further visualize you have 5 sequences like this!

Apart from the endless back and forth initial set up, you also need to edit them from time to time.

How much time, energy, and frustration could you have saved if you use BirdSend’s 1-Page Sequence Builder instead?

The fastest sequence builder

The 1-Page Sequence Builder solves this “back and forth and wasting hours of your time” problem.

You create sequence emails super fast, no matter if the sequence contains 10, 20 or 30 emails — we dare say faster than anything you’ve tried.

More eyeballs to your emails in 1 second

In 1-click, quickly resend to folks who didn’t open your original email — for every email in the sequence.

And you can set this up beforehand (set it and forget it) without needing to come back and do the resend after the fact.

Result = more people opening your emails.

out of the many email sequence tools, only BirdSend gives you a quick at-a-glance view of your email stats

Spot growth opportunities faster for more earnings

INSTANTLY know how your emails perform without clicking anything inside the 1-Page Sequence Builder. Seriously.

Simply glance to the right sidebar and you’ll have a bird’s eye view of your stats for every email in the sequence.

You’ll be able to easily identify which emails are performing better / worse than the others — and hence quickly spot opportunities for improvement.

For example, in a matter of seconds you’ll know the open rate for email #6 is 38% while the rest are in the 45% - 60% range. You quickly dive into this email to improve it.

Additionally, we give you the [earn / contact] data for every single email — again so you can quickly identify which emails are performing the best in terms of revenue (the most accurate indicator).

Detailed stats

If you want more details like who opened, clicked, converted / bought your product for how much, bounced, unsubscribed, marked your email as spam — simply click the relevant box to reveal who they are and when exactly the event happened.

No need to navigate to another separate menu and load another reports page.

detailed email stats are only a click away