The Subscriber Preferences Page

BirdSend is a subscriber-centric (as opposed to a list-centric) email marketing tool.

This means we don’t use the archaic concept of “lists” to segment subscribers to different interests / buckets.

Instead, we use “tags” — which is more flexible and eliminates issues like duplicate email addresses across different lists, accidentally sending the same emails multiple times to the same subscribers, etc.

There’s a downfall with tags though.

Typically, an email tool that uses tags instead of lists employ a “all or nothing” mindset where subscribers are forced to either:

1/ Unsubscribe completely from you or...

2/ Subscribe to all types of emails from you

The BIG problem

This is a BIG problem because you’re guaranteed to lose more subscribers than you should. There will always be people who want to only receive certain types of emails (and not others).

By forcing them to either “subscribe to all” or “unsubscribe from all”, you always upset some folks → they unsubscribe completely → you lose hard-earned subscribers.

ConvertKit is one such tool who uses this ”all or nothing” approach

BirdSend used to be this way too, but luckily... based on many users’ feedback, we built The Subscriber Preferences Page.

With The Subscriber Preferences Page, subscribers can now freely choose the types of emails to unsubscribe from and which ones to remain subscribed to.

This is what they see when they click the unsubscribe / manage preferences link at the bottom of the email:

what BirdSend's subscriber preferences page looks like

What happens in the backend

When subscribers tick the box(es) on The Subscriber Preferences Page → the relevant tag(s) is applied to them (in the backend of our system).

Similarly, when they untick the box(es) → the relevant tag(s) is removed from them.

By allowing subscribers the freedom to choose, you build a deeper connection with them since you’re only emailing them things they’re interested in.