Apart from our extremely affordable price and high email open rates...

Here are some features that our users love

Get more people reading your emails in 1 second

It only takes 1 second to activate our “resend to unopens” feature. You can activate this feature for every email you send. And yes, you can set it beforehand too (set it and forget it).

The 1-Page Sequence Builder for automated emails

Easily set up sequence / drip email campaigns on A SINGLE PAGE to automatically follow up with your subscribers and make sales... even when you’re sleeping.

The Subscriber Preferences Page

Let subscribers choose which types of emails they want to continue receiving and which ones they don't. Give them options instead of unsubscribing completely like some email tools do (e.g. ConvertKit).

Email your contacts anytime

Quickly send or schedule one-off broadcast emails - e.g. to inform about your latest newsletter, a new piece of content, product, promotion, etc.

Effortlessly set up "if this do that" automation

E.g. If a subscriber opens this email or clicks that link → tag “hot leads” and subscribe to “hot leads sequence” to automatically follow up to close sales.

Knowing your open and click rates is good enough right? Wrong!

If you don’t know exactly how much revenue you earn from every email, you’re not in business. 

You’re having fun.

With BirdSend, not only will you know your open and click rates, you’ll also know your revenue the instant the page loads. No more cobbling together multiple different tools and spreadsheets.

Discover how your business is REALLY doing in terms of earnings (not opens/clicks)

Precisely track the Lifetime Value (LTV) and Average Lifetime Value (ALTV) of your subscribers without any 3rd party tool.

With BirdSend, every single email you send is tracked and attributable to a monetary value that can be measured. You can even filter the results (sales & revenue) based on a certain campaign (e.g. your free strategy session campaign or a Facebook ad campaign that gives away your free book).

Easily Segment your contacts

Here are a few ideas on segmenting contacts.

You could segment based on:

- which products they bought
- how much money they spent with you
- which forms they subscribed to
- who opened a specific email
- who clicked your email link(s)

You can then send personalized emails to each of these segments, thereby making your email very targeted. Result = better open, click, conversion rates… and ultimately more earnings.

Collect emails (and any data) effortlessly with our simple forms

After collection, you can set up automation like...
Apply a tag, record a conversion, subscribe to a sequence, etc.

Import your customers and subscribers without reconfirmation

Easily bring over your customers and subscribers into your BirdSend account. No need to reconfirm them like some email tools do.

Automatically keep your subscribers up to date

With our RSS broadcast feature, you can automatically send an email to your subscribers whenever you publish a new blog post. Hands-free.

Saves you money by 3 - 5X every month

Compare our pricing with other email tools. You’ll immediately realize our pricing is one of the most affordable.

Moreover, we charge you by the number of contacts, not subscribers. This is a huge difference. A contact is a person with a UNIQUE email address. Many email marketing tools charge you by the number of subscribers, not contacts.

E.g. John is on 10 different lists. In BirdSend, you only get charged for 1 contact, while others charge you for 10 subscribers.

This lowers your costs every month even further. Imagine the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars you’ll save in the coming years.