Reviews from our customers

"Switched from Mailchimp and got over 70% in Savings!"

I am an Aviation Blogger with over 1 million page views. I switched from Mailchimp to Birdsend with some savings in mind with over 12,000 recipients on my twice weekly email list. The saving was over 70%.

The transition was smoothly done with great same day support from BirdSend team. They’re on hand to answer all my queries and provide solution. Their RSS feed feature worked well with my Wordpress blog that helps me to automate to send out to the subscribers.

The best thing with BirdSend is the customer support. They’re very thorough and follow up actively with my concern. I’d highly recommend their service.

- Sam Chui
Aviation Blogger with over 1.7 million YouTube subscribers
Dubai, UAE

"It pretty much does everything that ConvertKit does (which I used for 3 - 4 years)"

Overall very positive. I annoy them a lot with questions, as I am always comparing it to ConvertKit (which I used for 3-4 years). And they are very good with replies. Plus very open to suggestions on how to improve it. It is only a new provider, which means they are still rolling out features.

When switching to a new provider, there is a learning curve (which can be frustrating) but that will happen with any new provider. So I dedicated 2-3 days to play with it - i.e. set up forms, automations and tags before switching my large list over. It was time well spent!

Affordability was important, as ConvertKit was becoming way too expensive, as my list continued to grow. I also love the functions. It pretty much does everything that ConvertKit does (or soon will be as new features are constantly being added) and more. Plus it gives me detailed analytics for each email that goes out, and collects a reason for unsubscribes.

- Cath Hakanson
Sex Education Expert
Perth, Australia

"Customer support is super responsive"

BirdSend is an excellent alternative to Mailchimp and other competitors. You get a lot of value for your money and the customer support is incredible.

I love the price point of BirdSend and the super-responsive customer service. I also like how easy it is to use and that it has all the features I need for email marketing campaigns.

- Lauren Melnick
Travel Blogger
Johannesburg, South Africa

"Their customer service is really exceptional. They helped me migrate everything from Aweber!"

I have switched to BirdSend from another email marketing provider and so far I'm pleasantly surprised with the quality of the service.

Their customer service is really exceptional, they helped me to migrate all of my previous forms and contacts, so I didn't have to worry about doing it all by myself.

They constantly come up with new features and tools and you can submit a support ticket if you'd like to improve something.

BirdSend forms are lightweight. My favorite feature is that you can regulate where you want opt-in forms to appear on a page without the need to edit the code (as it was the case with my previous e-mail marketing providers). The dashboard is very easy to navigate.

Plus, the price is much lower than what you would pay for ConvertKit or other popular email marketing software providers, but I think you get the same functionality and results yet paying less.

- Iryna Bychkiv
Food Blogger
Stamford, Connecticut, USA

"I love that I can tag/segment my list, create rules based on certain actions like clicks or buys, and A/B test headlines"

I also enjoy the option of being able to resend emails to people who haven't opened them and clean my list of unengaged subs all within the platform. My last ESP required me to purchase a separate package if I wanted to clean my list.

BirdSend is beginner friendly if you just need something simple but it's also perfect for more advanced users who want to dive deep into tracking, rules, and testing.

I love the ease of use, customer service, and all of the features I get using this software that I couldn't get with other ESPs. Plus, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg! I also like that they upgrade their software to include improvements and tweaks.

- Adele Alligood
Personal Finance Expert
Portland, Oregon, USA

"No more email headaches"

So far I'm loving my experience with BirdSend! It's easy to use, I have no more email headaches wondering if my emails are going to get delivered, or if the right emails are going out at the right time.

I'm planning on doing a lot more email automation and am looking forward to really digging in and learning about all the extra features to do that.

I love the ease and simplicity of being able to send out a daily broadcast email to my customers and subscribers. I'm a relatively new user so haven't dug into all the extra features yet.

- Ruth Bowers
Content Publishing Expert
Ontario, Canada

"Switched from ActiveCampaign. Outstanding service from a growing platform"

Excellent service, good commitment to deliverability.

I love the outstanding customer service, the user interface (so attractive and speedy), and the part where they completely moved me from my old email service provider!

- Pam Barnhill
Homeschooling Expert
Dothan, Alabama, USA

"The inboxing is amazing"

Easily one of the best autoresponders out there!

I'm using BirdSend to send out content, updates and affiliate promotions.

The inboxing is amazing, the A/B split test feature is awesome and the re-sending feature is also a no brainer.

Adding tags to openers, clickers and buyers are very easy and can be used to send specific emails to specific leads.

It's very simple to use and extremely affordable!

- Chuck Nguyen
Digital Marketing Expert
Melbourne, Australia

"The move from Mailchimp was smooth and painless. The team is very receptive to suggestions"

Overall I've had a very good experience.

Customer support is very helpful. The price is quite reasonable.

- Dachelle McVey
Homeschooling Expert
McMinnville, Tennessee, USA

"Very impressed with how quickly and thoroughly tech support replies to issues and the openness of the company to suggestions to improve the software"

My experience has been great! I found the platform easy to use.

I switched to Birdsend from another software due to cost savings and I could get most of the features I wanted at Birdsend with substantial cost savings.

I haven't been disappointed.

- Donna Gunter
Business Fame Maker
Orange, Texas, USA

"Already providing better results than GetResponse"

BirdSend has been a great replacement for my previous email list provider (GetResponse).

It is cheaper, easier to use, and is already providing better results.

The training, tips and support are very helpful. Setting up email sequences via the "automation" option couldn't be easier.

The whole sequence can be accessed from one page. This makes visualizing the flow, and making changes, quick and simple.

It is easy to adjust campaigns in response to replies we receive.

It is so user-friendly, compared to other software we have used.

- Ian Usher
House Sitting Expert
Durham, UK

"Everything has been very impressive with this company and the entire team"

You get all the best features at a great price.

I especially like the resend option for any email in a sequence.

- Jodie Burnham
House Sitting and Travel Expert
Seattle, Washington, USA

"Was hesitant at first because it wasn't as well established, but I gave it a try and love it"

I have a blog that sends out a newsletter whenever a new blogpost goes online. I don't make a lot of money off my newsletter subscribers, that's why I wanted to opt for an inexpensive email platform.

When I found Birdsend, I was a bit hesitant at first because it wasn't as well established in the blogging world, but I gave it a try and love it. I can do all my newsletters from there with an RSS integration (which means less work for me) and it costs me less. Win-Win!

- RSS-Integration
Birdsend can create my newsletters by using my website's RSS feed. Which makes is super easy for me to send out the emails.

- Simple E-Mail design
Birdsend focuses on a simple and functional newsletter, which is also beautiful.

- Awesome support
When I started out with Birdsend, the founder took his time to explain to me the whole platform in a skype meeting. All my further questions have been answered really quickly by the support team.

- Birdsend is much cheaper than similar email platforms
And I can do everything I need to within the platform. So for me, it was a no-brainer.

- Bianca Haun
Food Blogger
Linz, Austria

"All the features I need at a good price with great support"

BirdSend isn't the most sophisticated ESP, but therein lies its beauty.

It has all the features that most small to mid-size businesses will ever use, and nothing more, which makes it very easy to use. On the few occasions I do get stuck, or have a problem, their tech support is responsive and friendly.

- Marc Matsumoto
Private Chef & TV Host
Napa, California, USA

"The ALMOST-PERFECT Email Platform"

BirdSend makes it easy to create emails and email sequences. And makes it super easy to edit them. They also make it easy to track which emails are making sales.

When I saw that the software could track customer values, was tagged based, and started at $9/mo I was intrigued. Then when I started my trial and saw how easy the editor was to use, I was hooked.

Building out sequences and editing individual emails in a sequence is one of the things it does better than a lot of other softwares. I've used a lot of email platforms over the years. I still use Active Campaign, Constant Contact, SendFox, and MailerLite for certain clients and projects.

But as of now, BirdSend is my favorite overall for ease of use and features.

- Conrad Deas
Email Copywriter
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"I read other bloggers that switched over and are happy with the service"

Customer Service is outstanding. They are very responsive and do what they can to help you solve your issues.

Efficient and effective. Easy to use/set-up. I can send test emails to myself. It does not slow down my website.

For the moment there are not any cons I can think of. Every time I had an issue the customer service team responded quickly.

- Jen Ciesielski
Travel Blogger
Naperville, Illinois, USA

"Value + Functionality"

I like that Birdsend provides affordable email marketing that still has all the tools I need.

A driving factor for me in choosing Birdsend was cost. I was worried that with the economical cost would come less than ideal service, but that has not proven to be the case. It is good quality at a reasonable rate.

I wanted a better email service with improved automations and other options, but I also needed it to not cost an arm and a leg!

- Amy Sloan
Homeschooling Expert
Holly Springs, North Carolina, USA

"All around I give BirdSend an A++"

Overall it is outstanding! It is so easy to learn. I was using a competitor's product, but was struggling with the flow to set up emails. A couple of quick conversations with the help desk and I was on my way to mass email updates.

My favorite feature was tying it to my website. I set up marketing emails and/or update emails within my books, offering the reader an opportunity to connect with me for more devotionals. The website redirects them to BirdSend to register. They register with an email and the devotionals go to their Inbox automatically. It has wonderful functionality and easy to set up.

When I add a new devotional links, I simply duplicate the process, modify the email name and email data to fit the new link! Wow!

What wonderful customer service! They are quick to respond to any questions. They go above and beyond with follow-up making sure everything is working after a question. I have never had any problem with their software, just operator error when need a little help if setting up something new.

The only negative I have seen is that I would love the capability of additional fonts, but the good far outweighs this one minor problem.

Great deals for renewing the product and a great value compared to other similar products. All around I give BirdSend an A++ and highly recommend the product.

- Mary Rodman
Christian Author & Speaker
Delaware, Ohio, USA

"Their deliverability is fantastic!"

Their customer support has been great. I've loved working with the folks at BirdSend.

BirdSend has been a great investment for my blog. I love the ease of setting up the forms and how easy it is to customize each form. The email settings are easy to use and creating sequences, tags, automations, and broadcasts are all simple. Their deliverability is fantastic!

Overall, such a great value!

I initially switched from ConvertKit to BirdSend because of the price. I had a great experience for several years on ConvertKit and loved their platform. Switching to BirdSend wasn't an easy decision, but I'm so glad I made the switch!

- Melissa Ringstaff
Purposeful Living Expert
Harlan, Kentucky, USA

"Incredible value and much easier to use than Mailchimp"

Setting up email sequences and signup forms is much easier than with my previous email service provider. I am very glad that I made the switch.

I gave Birdsend a trial for the low price, but I stayed for the ease of use and feature set. The user interface is pretty intuitive and easy to use. It's easy to set up forms and automation sequences. It's totally flexible in segmenting your audience, as it works on tags rather than lists. It allows you to set up different lead magnets or even follow-up sequences for the same 'list'.

Support is responsive, coming back either instantly or within a couple of hours, which is not bad considering the time difference between Europe and Indonesia. They are friendly and helpful, and their English is excellent. They also provide a useful guide to email marketing, very useful for the non-specialist like me. Costs are far lower than the competition.

Birdsend is a young product so there are still a few features to be added or ironed out - not bugs, but sometimes it's not as flexible as I would like. The company is aware of this and seem to be working diligently to improve these very minor snags. Let me give you an idea of how minor these are: If you put a form in the Birdsend widget, you only get one choice of font for the headings - luckily it's one that looks OK (I figured out how to change this in CSS eventually). The visibility settings for the forms widget don't seem to always work as they should - fortunately it's easy to configure the visibility of widgets directly in Wordpress, so it's not a problem. That's all I can think of - they are very minor points.

I looked at alternatives to Mailchimp because I was frustrated with its inflexibility. I gave Birdsend a try initially because of its much lower costs, but I stayed for the flexibility, much more intuitive interface, and ease of use. I am now well out of the trial period, and I'm very glad I switched.

- Andy Smith
Leadership Expert
Stockport, United Kingdom

"I was super impressed at the level of detail during the migration process"

I'm saving so much money just by switching providers. The fact that Birdsend can do pretty much everything that the bigger well known companies can do at a more affordable price is excellent.

The level of dedication from the customer service team is amazing! I had hundreds of questions and they answered each and every one in a timely manner. I was super impressed at the level of detail during the migration process.

- Naa Ardua
Digital Illustration Expert
Antibes, France

"Switched from MailerLite"

I switched from MailerLite because their customer service could never explain answers to my questions in a way I could understand. The prices were high and there were several issues they couldn't fix.

Once I got the hang of BirdSend it has been very easy to use. It was very helpful to have my previous email information migrated over for me by BirdSend staff.

Overall I have been very pleased. The pricing is very fair and I am saving money and feel I have a more robust system than the service I was using before.

- Jamie Yonash
Purposeful Living Expert
Wellington, Kansas, USA

"Easy to use and better open rates!"

Overall, I am extremely happy with the software, the pricing and also with the customer service.

The team has been very helpful in explaining things and answering my questions.

I have also seen a better open rate than I had in the past.

I especially love how easy it is to use. I used to be on Mailchimp and found it to not always be user friendly. I also like the look of the finished emails as opposed to what they looked like on Mailchimp.

At first, I didn't like that there weren't templates like Mailchimp but when I saw the finished email I really loved the look of it and thought it was way better than what I had before. I only use it to send weekly updates about my blog and don't use all the features that others might use, so I don't have anything really that I don't like about it.

- Sherri Hall
Food Blogger
Point Pleasant, New Jersey, USA

"WOWed by the attention to service"

Welly and his team have been amazing in getting me switched over from MailChimp. The support team quickly responds to issues and helps me figure out what I need to do.

The pricing for BirdSend can't be beat. I was shocked by the price and then wowed by the attention to service.

- Joe Lalonde
Leadership Expert
Muskegon, Michigan, USA

Other customer reviews from the homepage

"Switched from ActiveCampaign to BirdSend -- similar open rates
but save A LOT of money each month!"

Moving to BirdSend from ActiveCampaign has been a great switch for my business. Not only am I saving a lot of money each month, but the average open rates I get from BirdSend were similar to ActiveCampaign. I love how uncluttered and easy the interface is. Plus, any time I've had questions they have been answered thoroughly and quickly.

BirdSend has the best customer service I've ever experienced!

- Chantel Klassen
Homeschooling Expert
Saskatoon, Canada

"I switched from Aweber to BirdSend. Customer service is BANG ON
and incredibly responsive, plus the team listens to customers' suggestions
and is constantly improving the platform!"

- Nora Dunn
Travel Blogger
Toronto, Canada

"Our email open rates TRIPLED compared
to our previous email marketing provider"

- Dee Ferdinand
High Ticket Consultant

"I'm coming over from a much pricier platform (ConvertKit), but BirdSend feels like a much classier experience!"

The whole process of writing the email, adding links, setting up an automation so that those who clicked were tagged based on interest, scheduling the send - all so smooth and intuitive.

A gorgeous interface.

As you know, I'm coming over from a much pricier platform, but BirdSend feels like a much classier experience!

I love that the email composer is clean and simple and text-based and that there's a spam tester. Never seen anything like that before. My deliverability and reputation are very important to me and it's clear that's a high priority for BirdSend, too!

- Lynna Sutherland
Homeschooling Expert
Chester, Virginia, USA

"They have the best support team I've ever come across bar none"

I was unsure about switching from my previous email service provider to BirdSend, but after some contemplation, I made the switch. My only complaint is that I wish I would have done it sooner.

The support is outstanding and the service itself is worth its weight in gold. I would highly recommend this ESP to any online business owner.

The process of moving from my previous email service provider to BirdSend was seamless. I didn't lose any subscribers and they offered to switch over all my forms for me. As with anything, there was a bit of a learning curve at the beginning, but it is very easy to use and straightforward.

The value you get for the price is absolutely incredible and they have the best support team I've ever come across bar none.

- Amy R
Intentional Living Expert

"Switched from GetResponse & ActiveCampaign"

Before BirdSend I've used GetResponse and Active Campaign.

When GetResponse performance (open rates) dropped significantly in early 2018, I have no choice but to leave them.

I've also tried Active Campaign — the open rates were good but their fees were pricey.

I then gave BirdSend a try. They also have good open rates. But not only that, the experience using the platform is extremely pleasant — they have a really modern and fast-loading user interface, making it very quick and easy to set up campaigns.

- Adhitya Tri
Digital Product Creator

"Switched from Mailchimp. Ease of setup and quick learning curve leads to a phenomenal user experience!"

An email marketing automation tool packed with great features. It can be as simple or advanced as you want it to be — depending on your needs.

I can easily and quickly set things up the way I want them — things like opt-in forms, user tags, automating the tagging process, creating sequences/drip campaigns and broadcast emails, etc.

I've used other mainstream email marketing tools before... but what I like more about BirdSend is the ease of setup and quick learning curve. Their user interface is minimalistic without compromising on advanced features. This leads to a phenomenal user experience.

- Yudhistira Mauris

"A very streamlined platform — does a handful of things really really well!"

- David Baer
Digital Marketing Consultant
Portland, Oregon, USA

"No need to look for any other email system"

- Marcus Sen
International Trading Expert
United Kingdom

"Switched from Aweber to BirdSend for these 3 reasons..."

- Ellen Finkelstein
Presentation Expert
Fairfield, Iowa, USA

"It's easy to use & navigate. I love how accessible everything is from every part of the screen and also the functionality of revenue tracking"

- Vidhi Makwana
Instagram Success Coach

"Mailchimp to BirdSend is an easy transition"

I've recently switched to BirdSend and as a travel blogger, I've found the platform really straightforward to use.

I'm not very techy and was worried about changing from Mailchimp but the customer service that I have received from BirdSend has made it easy for me to make the transition.

They are always making suggestions on how to optimize my email rate open rates and get back to me quickly.

I definitely recommend them!

- Lisa Eldridge
Travel Blogger
United Kingdom

"Switched from Sendy + Amazon SES to BirdSend and got better deliverability"

Email marketing is one of my favorite channels to market my offers.

I first got to know about BirdSend when my peers recommended it to me as a simple email marketing tool for content creators.

It's very easy to use and the open rates are awesome!

Compared to what I was using previously (Sendy + Amazon SES), BirdSend has better deliverability.

Another thing I like about BirdSend is their email editor — simple and easy to crank out emails fast.

- Iswan Febriyanto
Online Business Owner & Coach

"BirdSend is a GodSend"

I keep in touch with fans and announce new releases using BirdSend.

I am not a professional email marketer so the extra help has made it worth the while for me. This program is definitely for professional email marketers and has all the features I would want if I were one myself.

Took a little while for me to get used to the software but once I did it's much easier to operate than the others I have tried (i.e. MailChimp). Some of the functions worked differently and I needed help learning them.

I am very happy to report that BirdSend's customer service is the best I've ever experienced.

I was never able to connect with anyone ever at MailChimp. BirdSend is the exact opposite: they are right there to help or within 24 hours or less.

Excellent customer service!

- Michael Kollwitz
Chapman Stick Expert
Sedona, Arizona, USA

"The switch from ConvertKit was super simple and the BirdSend team did it for me!"

Switched from ConvertKit to save $$$.

Love it. Saves me $$$, didn't take me any time at all to switch. All positive.

I love the price. I now save $30 US per month since switching from ConvertKit yet I still have almost the same functionality.

- Tara Fitness - Online Business Coach - Telarah, Australia

"BirdSend Has Helped Me Grow My Email List!"

BirdSend has been great!

My subscriber list has increased a lot and people are responding to my emails well. My open rate has gone up a lot and I get a definite increase in my traffic when an email goes out.

I like how easy BirdSend is to use. The import, setup of broadcasts and funnels, and pop-up have been very straight forward to use.

If I have questions, I always get a prompt answer and followup.

I love that a pop-up is included. That has increased my subscribers the most. I'm not a fan of pop-ups but this one is working well.

Setting up my weekly broadcasts and a sign-up series was simple and has been very effective for my list. The dashboard is straight forward, which I like!

I'm not very tech-savvy so I like the basics and ease which BirdSend provides both!

I'm happy with what it has done for my business and the price is great!

- Amy Pelzner
Crafting & DIY Projects Expert
Sacramento, California, USA