The Super Focused Email Marketing Tool

You've heard it so many times

Time is money. And money is attracted to speed (of execution).

When you have an idea, validate it by actually doing it (execution).

To execute your email marketing ideas, you need an email marketing tool. But you don’t just want any email tool, you want one that’s quick to use. So that you can test ideas fast.

If you use a complicated email marketing tool that has tons of menus and sub-menus that house a hundred different features (many of which are not related to email marketing and you don’t use), you’d go insane.

Remember the ideas you had?

  1. 1
    The mere thought of executing them feels intimidating because your email marketing tool is so complicated that you have to jump through a lot of steps, pages, and popups to do even simple things.
  2. 2
    Insidiously over the long term, this leads to less emails sent → less value delivered to subscribers and less relationship / rapport building with them → less sales and earnings.

After many pivots and iterations, we found the solution to the above problems

1. Focus on serving only 1 specific audience (content creators)

Content creators are people who teach or share their knowledge to others.

For example — bloggers, course creators, book authors, thought leaders, speakers / trainers, coaches, consultants, YouTubers, podcasters, etc.

2. Focus on providing only email marketing functionalities

By focusing only on 1 type of audience, our customers’ use cases become much simpler since most have the same (or similar) ones.

We don’t need to consider all kinds of use cases from different audience types and bake all those into the tool (which many email marketing tools do).

We focus on the “job to be done” by content creators.

  • Content creators want to earn more →
  • they do this by solving their subscribers’ problems better and faster →
  • to achieve this they need to convince subscribers they have the expertise, and be likable and trustworthy →
  • to do this they need to build good relationships / rapport with subscribers →
  • to do this they need to constantly keep in touch with subscribers → 
  • email is an excellent way of communicating and keeping in touch →
  • to make the process of creating and automating emails fun, and enjoyable, we built an “email marketing tool only” tool that’s simple, lightweight, and fast (no feature bloat) → 
  • result is content creators happily use BirdSend on a regular basis to create + send emails and achieve high email opens  →
  • content creators earn more (back to first point)

There are no bloated features like e-com online store builder, sales funnel builder, bot, shopping cart, website builder, AI, CRM, learning management system, Facebook or Google ads management, social media posting and scheduling, support ticket / chat features, etc.

Marry #1 and #2 = BirdSend.

It’s easy to use with its minimalistic user interface.

It’s super fast to crank out emails.

It’s especially built for content creators who work alone or run a tiny team of less than 10 teammates.

It’s time to enjoy using an email marketing tool and execute your ideas... fast!

It’s time for a no-frill email marketing tool without the bloat.

It’s time for a BirdSend free trial.