No Spam Policy

Spammers are definitely not welcome here. If you're not sure what spam means, click here.

If you spam, or are trying to spam, with your BirdSend account:

  • Your account will be terminated without negotiation.
  • Fees that you have paid us will not be refunded.
  • We might charge you money if your spamming causes any interruptions in our ability to service other customers.

Here are some things that you must NOT do with BirdSend:

  • Send email to people who have not specifically requested information from you.
  • Importing/adding emails that are purchased, rented, or leased from a third party to your BirdSend account. This includes co-registration.
  • Send unsolicited email via a third party in order to get people to subscribe to your BirdSend-managed list, or to visit a website that you market using BirdSend in any way.
  • Leave irrelevant links in discussion forums, groups, classified sites (e.g. Craiglist). Subscribing contacts/subscribers on their behalf, manually or using a script. This includes subscribing via webforms, emails, or any other method.
  • Send email using any content prohibited by our Acceptable Use Policy.

The list above is non-exhaustive – meaning they aren’t the only thing things we consider as spam. If you’re not sure if we consider something to be spam or not, please contact us.

If you think a BirdSend user is spamming you, please contact us.