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Knowing your open and click rates is good enough, right? Wrong!

If you don’t know exactly how much revenue you earn from every email you send, you’re not in business. You’re having fun. With BirdSend, not only will you know your open and click rates, you’ll also know your revenue the instant the page loads. No more cobbling together multiple different tools and spreadsheets.


Precisely track the numbers that really matter

Instantly know the Lifetime Value (LTV) and Average Lifetime Value (ALTV) of your contacts/subscribers without any 3rd party tool. Same as above... just let the page load, and your important numbers are instantly waiting there for you, every time.

Automatic follow up system even when you’re not working

Easily set up sequence/drip email campaigns to automatically follow up with your subscribers and make sales... even when you’re sleeping.


Email your contacts anytime

Effortlessly send one-off broadcast emails -- e.g. to inform about a just-released newsletter issue, brand new promotion, or new product launch

Quickly set up ‘if this do that’ automated rules

Execute them when certain conditions you specify are met. E.g if Lifetime Value hits $2000, tag ‘VIP’ and alert sales team via email -- ask them to call this person.


Easily segment your contacts

With tags and rule segmentation, you get better open, click, and conversion rates… and ultimately more sales.

Collect emails (and any other data you want) effortlessly with our simple forms

After collection, you can set up automation rules on what you want to do after people filled out your form. Apply a tag, record a conversion, subscribe to a sequence, or other actions -- it’s your choice.


Fair pricing saves you more money

We charge you by the number of contacts, not subscribers. This is a huge difference. A contact is a person with a UNIQUE email address. Many email marketing platforms charge you by the number of subscribers, not contacts. E.g. John is on 10 different lists. In BirdSend, you only get charged for 1 contact, while others charge you for 10 subscribers