A few months ago…

I shared the 5 steps to sell in every email (without being sales-y or pushy).

But do you know WHY we should sell in every email?

(apart from obviously “making more mahhhney?”)

Most creators don’t know πŸ‘‡

But 1st…

In case you missed the “5 steps to sell in every email” post, here it is:


Here’s why we should unapologetically & unashamedly sell in every email…


🟑 We don’t know where someone is in the buying journey

They could very well be looking for a solution (that you have) right now.

We’ve all heard the doctor example countless times.

Let’s use that again.

John is suffering from extreme stomach pain.

The doctor has exactly the solution to eliminate the pain.

But because the doctor is too afraid to sell…

So he said:

“I’ll give value first with some tips & tricks. Come back a week from now & I’ll sell you my solution.” πŸ€•


🟑 We’re NOT in business to please people or make friends

We’re here to achieve our business goals.

And most likely that’s sales, revenue, profits.

Sure, your solution’s impact can’t be overlooked too.

And that’s a CONSEQUENCE of selling.


🟑 We’re NOT philanthropists

We’re in business to achieve business success (duh!).

We’re not some noble folks always prioritizing the well-being of others over ours.


🟑 It’s a disservice if we know we can help others but keep the solution to ourselves

If we want to positively impact & help more people, we must let others know about our solution.

It’s the best & fastest way to solve their problems.


🟑 No one is going to promote our solution except ourselves

Humans are selfish creatures (me included).

We all have our own little agenda.

If we’re not the one promoting our solution, who will!?

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