“Don’t judge a book by its cover” sounds good in theory but can NEVER be achieved

Hence the 1st email you send to new subscribers matters


It’s the difference between folks irresistibly reading your emails or ignoring them

Here’s how to make a dazzling 1st impressionπŸ‘‡

So subscribers read more of your future emails.

Btw, the 1st email is called the welcome email.

Here are the 6 things to include in your welcome email to make it magnetically compelling, in order of importance:

🟑 1/ Deliver lead magnet at the END of the email

Never in the beginning.


Otherwise they’ve no reason to keep reading your email.


“Your [free resource] is below, but first here’s how you’re going to [solve problems] from my emails.”

Also, never attach the lead magnet as an email file.

It lowers email deliverability -> emails more likely to go to spam.


🟑 2/ Explain why they should keep reading your future emails

You must answer the famous question:

WIIFM (what’s in it for me)

Talk how you’re going to help overcome their struggles & achieve their desired outcome.

Use “you you you” instead of “me me me” language…

At least in the beginning when they don’t know you (yet).

After they know you?

Switch to “me me me”.


That’s another topic for another post.


🟑 3/ Show (not tell) your competency

Anyone can boast how awesome they are.

But strangers don’t believe.

Hence we need to let others do the talking for us.

Things like:

Client testimonials.

Case studies.

Name drop big companies you’ve worked with or been featured in.


🟑 4/ Give the right expectations

You need to send daily emails for the next 7 days.

Because they’ll forget about you if you don’t.

But don’t just say: “I’ll email every day for the next 7 days.”

Instead, frame it as a benefit (rather than a chore).


“Every day for the next 7 days, I’ll email you a tip to lessen [their problem].

If you don’t want this, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email or any of my emails.”


🟑 5/ Invisibly sell

Many creators are too afraid to sell, let alone selling in their 1st email 😱

The problem with this thinking is:

You don’t know where in the buying journey someone is.

They could be very well be looking for a paid solution like yours NOW.

Hence you invisibly sell in every email to put the odds in your favor.

Invisibly? But how?

Use this guideline


🟑 6/ Ask them to reply w/ their biggest struggles

Say you’ll give them a pointer or 2.

When they reply, it helps with:

  • Deliverability Mailbox providers like when they see convo going on
  • Market research Know their pain points -> create / improve your offers to solve them


🟑 Bonus: Send the welcome email INSTANTLY when a new subscriber joins

You CAN’T wait until the next “newsletter”.


Because they’d have forgotten bout you, GUARANTEED.

Especially if the next newsletter is a week or (worse) a month away.

To instantly send your welcome email, you need an email marketing tool / ESP.

Otherwise, you’d need to stand by 24/7 β€” no sleep, no life 😒

You can use any legit ESP.

Or BirdSend β€” the ESP my small team of 7 run for coaches & course creators.



6 steps to craft a magnetically compelling 1st email to new subscribers:

1/ Deliver lead magnet at the END

2/ Explain why they should keep reading your emails

3/ Show (not tell) your competency

4/ The right expectations

5/ Invisibly sell

6/ Ask them to reply

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Welly Mulia

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