Email subject line hacks can only do so much.

Their very nature of “hacks” = temporary results

If you want folks to KEEP reading your emails…

HOW you write & send emails matters more than using fancy subject lines.

Here are 8 ways to UNHACK subject lines to get more opens πŸ‘‡

🟑 Have a sender profile picture

Most people don’t use a profile pic when sending emails.

I call this “The Faceless Corporation”.

Just by using one (takes 30 sec to set up)…

Your emails instantly stand out amongst the thousands in the recipient’s inbox.


🟑 Ensure emails land in Gmail’s Primary Tab

Gmail has the biggest email providers market share at ~30%

It makes sense to ensure your emails do NOT land in the Promo Tab, but in the Primary Tab.

So that as many of your subs read your emails.

Here’s how to get outta Promo Tab


🟑 Email every day

Especially in the beginning when new subscribers just joined your list.

I.e. You’re still a stranger to them

Their inbox is bombarded with emails from hundreds of other senders.

They’ll forget you if you don’t constantly show up in their inbox.


But you don’t just say, “I’ll email you every day so you don’t forget me.” πŸ˜…

You need a GOOD reason for them to keep opening your emails.

(Read on below & I’ll show you how…)


🟑 Be relatable

Share your failures, struggles, fears, & embarrassments.

If you only keep sharing the rosy stuff, you don’t stand out.

Because everyone does that.

More importantly…

It’s not relatable because people experience more failures than wins.


🟑 Be likable

In your emails, entertain subscribers.


By telling personal stories mixed with humor, and then connecting them to a learning point.

Again, because VERY few people (at this time) do this…

You instantly stand out & become an interesting person to follow.

Here’s a 3-step super simple storytelling guideline anyone can use:

An e.g of using humor in emails:


🟑 Don’t deliver your lead magnet on the thank you page

Instead, deliver it in your email.

Folks have no choice but to open your email + click your link to access the lead magnet.

3 benefits:

1/ You ensure the email address is not fake

2/ Deliverability boost

Opening + clicking boost your sender’s reputation & deliverability β†’ emails less likely to get flagged as spam

3/ Train subs to open & click your emails


🟑 Subject lines are not king

As mentioned at the beginning of this thread… subject lines have their places, but not at the top.

They’re vital for NEW subscribers.

But for old & existing subs, reaching the “Last Boss” level is more crucial.

When you reach this level, they open your email not because of your fancy subject line…

But because of YOU.

They like & trust you so much that they open your emails anyway… regardless of the subject line.

Here’s another one:

If you still insist on a subject line tip, here it is:

Curiosity-driven subject lines > benefit-laden ones


Same reason as above.

Most use benefit-driven subject lines β†’ don’t stand out β†’ folks tune out.


🟑 Viral post w/ zero sales = 😭

We don’t want folks to just read our emails w/o buying.

(that’s akin to a viral thread with no sales πŸ˜…)

We want them to buy our products & services too.


2 words.

Competency. Trustworthiness.


Welly Mulia

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