“So, when I was helping Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, & Leonardo DiCaprio tune their mindset to become their best selves…

There were 5 things I always told ’em to focus on…”


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Now compare the above to:

“Hey, my clients include Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio…

They pay me $X million dollars.

And now you can drool over my flashy supercars & huge mansions on my IG profile, living the ultra-rich lifestyle.”


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Both stories tell ya I’ve rubbed shoulders with some high-profile folks.

But here’s the kicker: 1’s all about me me me.

The other zeroes in on how I’ve helped people reach peak performance.

If we want more sales, the 1st example’s gonna close more deals like a champ.

The 2nd example? Prolly land me a black eye? 👊

Butt back to the 1st example — why it’ll close salesz.

Coz it’s all about the ultimate humble flex: the case study.

A good case study has these elements:

1/ Real-life evidence of how we’ve helped real people get real results.

2/ A story where our client is the hero & we’re their trusty sidekick.

3/ It showcases our problem-solving muscles, expertise & authority.

4/ It shows we’re all ’bout making sure our clients score big.

5/ It builds trust —gives folks the confidence that we can do the same for them.


But here’s the thing: a good case study ain’t just a sales pitch.

It’s also actionable, helpful content that readers can apply to their biz or life.

So even if they don’t end up becoming clients, they’ve still be better off than before they met us.

Now, ya might be wondering, “How the heckkkkk do I create a killer case study?”

Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Show the specific, measurable results we’ve helped ’em achieve.
  2. Spell out the problem / challenge & the desired outcome.
  3. Tell a story that’ll keep ’em hooked from start to finish.
  4. Direct quotes or testimonials straight from clients.


Wanna see all this in action inside a real case study?

Snag my $26k case study & dissect it for yourself.

Welly Mulia

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