I’ve sold more than $2 million of my own offers without ads.

& Here’s how you can do it too πŸ‘‡

(… Warning: hard work is required — this isn’t for folks who aren’t willing to put in the work)

But understand this first:

We always have to pay for traffic.

Whether it’s using our money…

Or our time & energy…

We must pay. There’s no free lunch.

With that out of the way…

Here’re the 5 things I’ve done (& still do) to sell my offers without ads:


🟑 Share our journey by building in public

This means sharing our failures, fears, & struggles too… not just wins.


  • Folks learn from our journey / lessons
  • We become more relatable & likable
  • We build a unique personal brand (that’s hard to be copied)


🟑 Share only on 1 social platform

Don’t be everywhere across FB, YT, TikTok, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn

Not sayin’ we can’t be in multiple platforms.

But we should start on 1 first to keep things simple & manageable

We can expand when we’ve built a sizable audience on 1 platform.


🟑 Steal a portion of our followers into our email list


Because we’ll make the majority of our sales via emails, guaranteed.

Here are more reasons on why we should build an email list:


🟑 Dare to sell

Many folks are afraid to sell because they think:

Selling = Sleazy salesperson

Who’s aggressive, pushy & are always pushing pitches down people’s throats.

But the reality is…

There’s a way to sell without looking like you’re selling:

Additionally, we need to reframe the concept of “selling”.

Think of selling as making our customers’ & clients’ lives easier.

By solving their problems with our solutions.

So, not only should we be fearless in selling…

We should be damn proud of doing so.


🟑 Provide a WOW experience

So that clients & customers not only come back to buy more…

They also voluntarily refer us to their friends & peers.

  • Automatic word of mouth.



How I’ve sold more than $2 million of my own offers (& how you can too) without ads:

🟑 Share our journey

🟑 Share only on 1 social platform

🟑 Steal followers into email list

🟑 Dare to sell

🟑 Provide a WOW experience

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