I’ve sold more than $2MM of my products via email marketing.

Without email marketing, I couldn’t sell shytt.

How many times have you been left frustrated because the questions you get are the same ol’ same ol’?

And you’d have to keep repeating yourself to death?

You’re not alone.

Which is why there’s such a thing as FAQ.


Even though most folks have FAQs for their business… these same folks aren’t leveraging email marketing to make more sales.

Have a social audience but aren’t leveraging email marketing to grow revenue?

It’s like having a well in the backyard but not using it to water our garden.

Or put another way, we’re bleeding 🩸 mahhhney.

Here’s why anyone should leverage email marketing to get (much) more revenue (than social)… ESPECIALLY if we already have a social presence.


🟡 The problems in any given industry / niche are the same ol’ same ol’.


To work smart & leverage our time so we can help more folks solve their problems…

We should create our content ONCE.

And then put it (the content) into an evergreen email series.

This way we constantly help subscribers…

No matter if they’re trying to solve their problems today, next week, or next month.

And no matter if we’re sleeping, on vacation, or simply not feeling like working for the day…

The evergreen email series will still go out to subs.


🟡 Builds familiarity, fondness, & trust

1/ When we constantly show up in subs’ inbox, they know & remember us

2/ When our content is helpful, they like & trust us

3/ Over time, they’ll buy from us when they’re ready

4/ When someone asks for recommendation, they’ll mention us


🟡 Leverage our existing audience

We’re already creating content on social anyway.

Ask them to join our email list too.

They’ll self-select themselves — only the most engaged (tiny %) will join our email list.

And that’s ok.

100 email subs > 1000 social followers any day.


🟡 Safeguard our asset

Our social account can be banned anytime.

Think our followers are ours.


The social platforms own them.

With email subscribers, we own them forever.

Banned from an email marketing tool?

We can always take them to another tool.


🟡 Reach a bigger segment of our audience

The average email open rates are double digits, no matter the industry.

But social reach on the other hand?

A measly 2%-5% 😭


🟡 Laser target any segment

We can send emails to any target segment of our subs.


  • Email only customers who bought product X to upsell a relevant product
  • Send emails to folks who’re interested in getting their emails outta Gmail’s Promo Tab to offer my DFY service

With social, there’s no way to target who see our posts except if we’re running ads.


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