Recently a subscriber asked:

“The rule of 1 says only 1 CTA in my email right? But I’ve got multiple offers to sell, what’s the plan then?”

That’s what I’ll be yapping ‘bout today.

Down for it?

Here’s how we do it:

Based on our email topic, pick the most fitting offer to sell & give it the spotlight. Remember… we’re only putting 1 offer on the pedestal.

But it doesn’t mean we can’t push our other offers.

We can — just make sure to drop ‘em down at the bottom of our emails using The Universal Signature.

What’s that?

Many years ago a marketing whiz named Dean Jackson coined this strategy & he called it The Super Signature.

I call it The Universal Signature.


Coz I like to think mine is betta than his 😎

Nahhh just kidding, Dean is the whiz, I’m a nobody.

(I’ll reveal why in just a bit…)

But aren’t we supposed to have only 1 CTA?

Here’s how I see it:

Yep, still 1 main CTA — hence we only highlight 1 offer (the 1 most relevant to the email).

The other CTAs?

We can’t always pinpoint what folks need & where they’re at on their journey, so we slip in our other offers.

Just in case they aren’t drawn to the main offer but are keen on something else.

Make sense?\

A single CTA can work for top-of-funnel folks who aren’t quite buddy-buddy with us yet, so we’ve only 1 shot to hit the bullseye.

But email subscribers? They’re mid-funnel folks who’ve established some rapport & trust with us.

We’ve got their email addresses — meaning endless chances to market to ‘em.

With multiple CTAs, they can pick their own adventure.

You’ve seen me using the Universal Signature all da time in my emails. If you’ve missed it all this time…

Just scroll down to the bottom & see for yourself.

The Universal Signature is good & dandy…

But to apply it to your biz, you’d need an email marketing tool.

Else how’re ya gonna send emails to subscribers?

Andddddd as you prolly know — with my modest & responsive team, I run a simple email marketing tool for coaches & course creators called BirdSend.

Haven’t snagged your free trial yet?

You can claim it right here.

Email is of kourse funnn,

Welly “shyt doesn’t necessarily mean shytty” Mulia

PS. Did you catch that?

The main offer I’m tryna sell in this email is BirdSend email tool.

The other stuff I’ve got up for grabs?

Open your eyes… see, click, & buy my other shyt below…


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Stilllllllllllllll here?

Perhaps waiting for me to reveal why The Universal Signature is betta than the Super Signature?

(… I’m super biased tho)


Here’s The Super Signature format:

=== Super Signature starts ===

[Whenever you’re ready, here are X ways I can help you]

[Offer 1]

[Offer 2]


=== Super Signature ends ===


Which is cool & all…

But when we use this over & over & over again in our emails, it starts to get borin’.

No variety.

The Universal Signature on the other hand?


It goes like this:

=== Universal Signature starts ===

[Interesting 1-liner that changes with each email]

[Offer 1]

[Offer 2]


=== Universal Signature ends ===


What’s this [interesting 1-liner that changes with each email]?

As the name suggests, it’s an interesting “intro” sentence rather than just “Whenever you’re ready, here are X ways I can help you”.

And this intro sentence’s dynamic — it keeps changing with every email to keep things fresh for the subscriber. So they don’t get bored.

Wanna see an e.g. of this “interesting 1-liner”? Scroll above.

Here’s another e.g.

“Ohhh and I’m doing you a disservice if I don’t tell you my other “things” 😎 that can potentially help you”.

Welly Mulia

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