So I was busy doing my thing on LinkedIn the other day…

(ya know, networking, connecting, the usual…)

When I dropped a post about sending daily emails to new subscribers.

A few moments later…

A friend left this comment:

And she’s right. Will circle back to her point in just a bit…


Every time someone snags my free resource, I’m in their inbox every day for the first 7-10 days.

No shame, all game.

Why? Coz I’m helping folks with my content.

Folks who want to shortcut their way can buy my paid solutions.

Those who aren’t ready yet?

Or those lookie loos (def not ya, I know)?

They can feast on my free content & trial-&-error their way to success. All good!

But here’s the kicker…

Most people think of “newsletters” as huge chunks of content, brimming with value.

And even tho valuable content is the bee’s knees…

Newsletter overwhelm — as my friend stated above — is real.

Ever catching yourself thinking, “This sender is da bomb & the newsletter is packed with gold, but I just dun have da time this week to dive in.”?

I hear ya 👂

I’ve been doing email marketing for over a decade & till this day I still don’t have a regular “newsletter”.

My emails?

They’re more like quick bites of nuggets + entertainment. Short & easy to swallow.

I’d say most of my emails can be swallowed in 1 – 3 mins.

Perfectttttt for reading during those mini-breaks.

And here’s the icing on the cake…

I don’t just send emails on “newsletter” day. Nope. I’m in your inbox 3x a week.

More emails = more connections = more sales. Simple math.

So %contact.first_name% I urge you to open your mind.

A “newsletter” doesn’t have to be the ONLY type of email we send.

Shorter, more frequent emails work too.

And if you ask me (& of course I’m biased) — they work mucho betta than a weekly or monthly newsletter.

(weekly can still be forgiven… but if we’re only sending 1 email a month 🤦… )

At the end of the day, isn’t our ultimate goal to make some sweet moolah while helping folks solve their problems & live better lives?

Now, your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to craft shorter emails in addition to your regular newsletter.

Remember, more emails = more $.

You can totally do this on your own if you’ve got the chops.

But if you want me to manage your email list, strategize & pen down those emails…

Or maybe you want to write them yourself but need personalized guidance based on your unique sitch?

Either way, it’s ‘bout getting more sales & mahhhney from your email list (which, if you’re like most folks — pretty sure you’re super under-monetizing it so much that it’s like leaving huge piles of cash untouched, gathering dust).

Contact me at [welly] & maybe — just maybe — I can lend a hand? 😉

Email is super fun,

Welly “come to think of it, I almost dun read newsletters at all, but that’s just me coz maybe i’m a weirdo” Mulia

Welly Mulia

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