That’s how much I made when I was just starting out trying to make this “make money online” thingy work.

Because I didn’t have these 3 things 👇

There are 3 levers to pull to make money / get sales, in order of importance:

  • Audience
  • Offer
  • Traffic

But wait a minute…

Where the heck is “copywriting”?

Surely that’s the most important factor!?


Pic this…

Someone has extreme stomach pain (Audience).

A famous doctor has the solution to solve the pain (Offer).

That someone knows such a doctor exists (Traffic).

How likely is this pain sufferer gonna say yes to the doctor’s solution?

Pretty high?

If we have a yummy offer dialed in for the right audience, we can have the worst copy & it’ll still sell.

Even if we were to only write:


(i.e. no copywriting)

Many will still buy.

What ’bout traffic though?

Surely it has to be the most important part?

Using our e.g. above…

Even if only 10 folks (poor traffic) know about our offer, we’d still be able to sell to many of them.


Say we have 10k people (high traffic) who know about our offer…

But they don’t have stomach pain.

Will they buy?

Knowing these 3 levers can get us sales & make us money.

But if we wanna build a real business (instead of just “making money”)…

There are 2 more things to have in our toolkit:

  • Copywriting skill
  • Email list


This is basically how to trigger people’s emotional hot buttons to get them to buy.

I have yet to write a thread on copywriting at this time (will soon).

For now, follow @AndrewWriteCopy for his simple but effective copywriting tips.

Email list:

Build an email list so we own this asset & can send traffic at will to our offers.

No more at the mercy of social algorithms to send traffic to us.

Here’s how to build one:

After sending over 1.4 billion emails through my email marketing tool, BirdSend…

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