• Bumping this to the top of your inbox
  • Just making sure you got my message
  • Just want to follow up on this

Most coaches & creators use these boring follow-up msgs

Still wanna use them to become dull too?

I’ve been using these 3 UNboring ways to follow up w/ good results πŸ‘‡

But 1st…

In case you wonder why we need to follow up?

Sometimes, it’s not that prospects aren’t interested in our offer.

It could be that they didn’t see our message.

Or they’ve seen it & are about to respond… but life gets in the way…

Such as:

  • Their dog pooped on the couch & they’ve got to clean the mess
  • Their kids dropped ice cream on the floor
  • Their spouse came into their room asking for mahhhney πŸ˜…

Whatever the reason, if we wanna maximize our sales, following up is a must.

I’ve been using these 3 follow-up ideas from @ThatDeanJackson & @troy_ericson.

And they’ve been working well for me.

Here they are πŸ‘‡


🟑 1st Follow up — Are you still looking to [results they’re after]?

It’s important to state the results they’re after.

NOT the name of our offer / program.


I offer an email list management service where I monetize coaches’ & course creators’ email list.

❌ Are you still looking to sign up for my Email List Management service?

βœ… Are you still looking to monetize your email list to get max sales?


🟑 2nd Follow up — Have you given up on [results they’re after]?

Same as above, it’s crucial to frame it around the results they’re after.

❌ Have you given up on getting my Email List Management service?

βœ… Have you given up on squeezing more profits from your email list?


🟑 3rd Follow up — I have [results they’re after] idea. Are you interested?

βœ… I have a profit-generating idea for your business. Are you interested?

βœ… I have a simple yet effective idea to eliminate your public speaking fears. Are you interested in learning more?



Since there’re only 3 main points, there won’t be any TLDR this time ✌️

Now use them & close some clients this week!


🟑 Bonus: Wanna see a unique yet super bad way to follow up?

How bout this one I received a few days ago?

Lemme know what you think in the comments?

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