That’s how our audience responds when we say:

“Subscribe to my newsletter.”

Use a lead magnet instead to build an email list.

It’s not only faster… folks are also more primed to buy our offers.

Here are 6 types of lead magnets anyone can create (+ a bonus hack) 👇

In case you’re wondering why “subscribe to my newsletter” sucks…

Now, let’s start with Lead Magnet type #1


🟡 Email series

This is the best lead magnet.

Because it forces subscribers to read our emails to get the “lead magnet” they opted-in to in the first place.

It also gives us a reason to email them every day for the first 5 – 7 days.

By constantly showing up in their inbox, we build familiarity, goodwill, trust, & credibility.

And it improves our deliverability too — mailbox providers see subscribers (their users) reading & interacting with our emails -> send our emails to the inbox.


🟡 Free chapter / trial

Give away a free chapter of our paid book or course.

Or a 7-day free trial if we’re selling software.

The idea is to give them a (good) taste of what we have.

Caveat: What we have must be good. If it’s shytty, it won’t work.

In addition to building our email list…

We get leads who’re interested in the topic of our paid offer.

(They won’t give us their email address in the first place if they’re not interested.)


🟡 Case study

Instead of TELLING people how to achieve X.

We SHOW them via a case study.

Readers are subconsciously taking in cues that we’re an expert in our topic since we’ve already solved the problem & even made a case study about it.

-> Builds authority & credibility.


🟡 Template

Folks are always looking for ways to save time & energy.

A proven template does exactly this.

They can just “plug n play” it into their business.


  • Cold outreach templates
  • Beautiful Powerpoint / Slide templates
  • Content vault template


🟡 Checklist

Our 2000-word blog post / article shares “The 7 steps to increase memory retention by 42% in 5 days”.

The problem: 2k words are too much.

To enable folks to quickly review the 7 steps, we offer a 1-page checklist.

Now they can glance over quickly anytime.


🟡 Survey

Ask folks 3 – 5 intriguing questions related to their problems.

At the end of the survey, ask their email address.

Then we send them personalized email suggestions based on their answers.

Because it’s customized, folks are more likely to give us their email address.


🟡 Bonus: Turn our best newsletter issue into a lead magnet

Saves time & energy!

Previous issue e.g.: “5 steps to overcome writer’s block”.

On the opt-in form, say “How to overcome writer’s block in 5 simple steps”.

Sure beats “subscribe to my newsletter” 😎


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