How I got my 1st, 2nd, 3rd client in 5 months as a noob in services…

Without cold outreach (& getting angry replies or “left on read”) πŸ‘‡

Last July, I started offering DFY email list management services to monetize coaches’ & experts’ email lists…

β†’ So they get max revenue from their existing email list.

July β€” got my 1st client

Sep β€” closed my 2nd client

Nov β€” got the 3rd client

So how did I close these clients?

I have an existing email list of ~3.5k subscribers.

Not only are these clients my subscribers, they’re also my BirdSend customers.

(i.e. they use BirdSend as their email marketing tool)

So they already have a level of trust in me.

Butt they wouldn’t have become my clients if I hadn’t relentlessly & unashamedly promoted my service.


I don’t just blatantly promote all the time.

I blatantly promote sparingly.

And mostly subtly promote in every email.

Blatantly promote e.g.


I just opened a spot for my DFY service.

If you want me to manage your email list for ya to get max sales, lemme know.



Subtly promote e.g.


I woke up today a happy man.

Because my client just reported a 50% boost in his email open rates.

This client has 10k subs.

β†’ i.e. For every email he sends, instead of the usual 30% open rate he gets (3k impressions)…

Now he gets 4.5k impressions β†’ more clicks β†’ more sales.

Want me to do the same for ya?

Lemme know.



But what if we don’t have an existing email list to promote our services?

2 ways (the slow & faster way):

1/ Slow way

Create content around our expertise, then…

β†’ attract an audience β†’ build an email list β†’ sell


Our content stays forever & can be reused β€” on other social platforms, emails, videos, etc.



Takes time & energy (but what legit endeavor doesn’t?)


2/ Faster way

Cold outreach (DMs, emails)


Faster than creating content & building an audience



Time & energy spent on outreach can’t be used as “evergreen asset” like the Slow way.

Once spent, they’re gone. There’s no “leverage”.



We must know our shytt (i.e. have skills in the service we offer).

Otherwise we won’t get any clients.

Or even if we get, they’ll see thru we’re an imposter quickly because we can’t deliver results.

FYI, last week I started cold outreach too.

But I’m not like the typical freelancer / agency where I try to take as many clients as possible.


Because I don’t outsource any work. I do it all myself.

Plus, I don’t intend to become an agency.

Why again?

Because DFY is not my main business.

My main business is BirdSend email marketing tool.

So why do DFY then?

So that I get results for clients…

β†’ more opportunities for me to flex the results I get them

β†’ more exposure for me & ultimately BirdSend

Since my time is limited, I can only work with 1 – 2 clients at any time.

If you want my help to manage your email list for ya for max sales…

Or if you want me to get your emails outta Gmail’s Promo Tab…

Email me (welly[at]]) or DM me.

Having sent more than 1.4 billion emails through my email marketing tool, BirdSend…

I discovered how to get emails outta Gmail’s Promo Tab.

Here’s a case study on how I got my & my clients’ emails outta Promo Tab & boosted open rates by 21% – 76%.

Welly Mulia

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