I currently have ~3.5k “active” subscribers.

And I get around 210-300 organic new ones monthly (no ads).

“Active” = those who engaged w/ with my emails in the last 90 days

If no one engages in 90 days, I kick them off

Here’s a breakdown of where + how I got these subscribers

“Only 300 new subs/mo?”

That’s WHY I’m growing it 😎

They come from:

  • BirdSend free trials
  • BirdSend abandoned cart
  • Lead magnet free subscribers

“Eh, no newsletter?”

Right. Because I don’t believe in “newsletters”

(more below..)

But first, let’s go over them one-by-one

🟑 BirdSend free trials

These are folks who signed up for for a free BirdSend trial

BirdSend is the email marketing tool I run for coaches & course creators

It currently sends ~30 million emails/month across various niches.

(check my bio if you wanna give it a free spin)


🟑 BirdSend abandoned cart

These folks almost signed up for a free trial but didn’t.

Because we ask for a credit card even for free trials.


Because we don’t want spammers abusing our email marketing tool.

(spammers are more reluctant to provide their credit cards)


🟑 Lead magnet free subscribers

Lead magnet is a specific valuable resource you give away in exchange for an email address.

I have 2 lead magnets:

A/ Email Mistakes Challenge

This is a 7-day challenge to discover & fix the most common 7 email mistakes.

So that folks stop their profit holes from leaking.

How do I know these are the most common mistakes?

After interacting with multiple hundreds of folks:


Here’s the challenge in case you wanna check it out

B/ Get outta Gmail’s Promo Tab case study

In this case study, I show the 6 steps I did to increase my & my clients’ email opens by 21% – 76%…

By getting their emails outta Promo Tab & into the Primary Tab.

Here’s the case study if you wanna see it

Here’s why I don’t have (& don’t believe) in newsletters + why it’s my biggest pet peeve.

A newsletter is boring & vague.

There’s no clear value proposition of what folks are getting…

Other than the promise of a “future newsletter”.

If you’re not (yet) famous in your niche, few want to subscribe to your newsletter.

A better way that’ll lead to more subscribers is via a lead magnet.

As I’ve shown in my 2 examples above.

Which one is more enticing?

If you insist on using “newsletter”, flip the offer:

How I boosted clients’ email opens by 21-76%. As a bonus, you’ll get my newsletter.


🟑 To get subscribers, I first need to get traffic/eyeballs to my lead magnets

I use 2 traffic sources:

A/ Twitter

From my tweets, threads, bio -> I link over to a Lead Capture Page (LCP)

Here, visitors can only opt-in or leave.

There’s no option to browse blog posts or anything like that.

My LCP converts at 29% – 39%

An opt-in form on a blog post is lucky to convert at 2%.

B/ WOM/Referrals

These are:

  • BirdSend users referring others
  • Folks who heard good things about BirdSend (not yet users) referring others in FB groups, online & offline events
  • Affiliates: Happy BirdSend users who earn commissions referring the tool to their audience

I discovered how to get emails outta Gmail’s Promo Tab…

After sending more than 1.4 billion emails via my email marketing tool, BirdSend.

Here’s a case study on how I got my & my clients’ emails outta Promo Tab & boosted open rates by 21% – 76%

Welly Mulia

πŸ‘‹ My customers (Content Creators) send 30M emails/month via BirdSend. They save 80% in email tool expenses every month while still enjoying high email opens.

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