When I opt-in to folks’ email lists after entering my email address…

Many just say, “Thanks for subscribing.”

This is the most boring message ever.

Plus, it doesn’t gimme – the recipient – a good reason to instantly check my inbox.

Here’s what to do instead…

But 1st, why should we get folks to instantly check their inbox?


Instantly check inbox -> more likely to remember us (now & in the future).

So here’s what I’d do:

After opting-in, redirect folks to a “check your email” page.


Because they have thousands of emails in their inbox.

Just saying, “Thanks for subscribing” will result in them forgetting about us as they continue their browsing.

(goldfish memory…)

On this “check email” page…

Be as clear as possible. Leave no ambiguity.

Tell them exactly:

– Who the email is from (from name)

– The subject line

– That it could take up to 5 mins for the email to arrive (to set expectations)


Don’t deliver the thing we promise on the thank you page.

Instead, deliver it INSIDE the email.

Now they have a reason to open & read it.

This is also why we should NOT use “subscribe to my newsletter” as the hook.


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